📣Age 16-25?
📣Live in Lanarkshire?
📣Want to smash the patriarchy?

STAMP are hosting an online meeting on Wednesday 15th July so you can find out who we are, how to become a STAMP member and how we can take action.


As a STAMP member you will:

✨ Meet other young feminists
✨ Learn about feminism + how to use your voice to make change
✨ Raise awareness + campaign for gender equality
✨ Have access to training opportunities in digital media, journalism, public speaking and more!


Register here via Google Forms 👉

Who run the world?


STAMP are teaming up with the fabulous and inspiring TIE Campaign to offer an educational quiz to test your knowledge on gender representation in politics, film and music.

We can’t promise to provide reassuring statistics about the representation of women but we can promise it’ll energise you to fight and change it! (if that doesn’t inspire you, our soundtrack will).

International Women’s Day 2020


International Women’s Day (IWD) is one of our favourite days of the year, so we were excited to celebrate this at Brannock High School’s IWD event. The day was organised and led by pupils at the school.

STAMP delivered 2 workshops on gender stereotypes, definitions of masculinity and femininity, and their impact on our lives, from participation in sport to subject choices and more!

Highlights included the motivational talk by comedian Anna Devitt,  the ‘wall of inspiring women’ and the fab play on the suffrage movement. Thank you Brannock High!


(Picture – Gender Stereotypes workshop)

Purple Friday – LGBT History Month

Purple Friday is a campaign run by LGBT Youth that marks the end of LGBT History month (February). The purple comes from the rainbow pride flag and ‘represents Spirit; the spirit of the LGBT community and their allies’.

We celebrated this day with Hamilton Universal Connections LGBT Q+ group to show our commitment to equality.

Check out the photos we took to help turn the map purple!


Smashing Stereotypes!

In December STAMP hosted ‘Smashing Stereotypes’, which aimed to provide young people with ways they can challenge harmful gender stereotypes and reduce barriers to achieving their full potential.

Workshops included ‘Everyday Activism’, which broke down the myths surrounding activism, for example, that activism requires a lot of resources and time, and provided practical ways that people could start making changes in their lives straight away.

Everyone who attended said that the event inspired them to have conversations and challenge negative and harmful language they hear in their day-to-day lives.