About Us

Stereotypes in advertising and the media strongly influence how we see ourselves and others. These stereotypes promote the idea of binary gender (male or female only), and influence our attitudes and our behaviour including how we interact online. These negative images are everywhere sometimes making us feel overwhelmed and unable to control or challenge them.

The idea for STAMP came from on-going sexual violence prevention workshops with young people, aged 12 to 25, in Lanarkshire. During these workshops, a need was identified: how to challenge the messages about gender in the media that they didn’t agree with? The media has a huge part to play in shaping people’s attitudes to sexual violence, and also helps to construct a culture that tolerates and even condones it.

So STAMP was set up with young people for young people to increase awareness of gender inequality in the media and the relationship this has to sexual violence – and provide young people with the skills to challenge the media for themselves. The project is a part of Lanarkshire Rape Crisis, and Lanarkshire Rape Crisis is an organisation that is committed to tackling sexual violence in every form. STAMP also finds positive role models for young people who promote gender equality, diversity and inclusivity through their work and/or fight to challenge sexual violence.

STAMP is a springboard for a new generation: it supports young people to gain experience and confidence in leadership, journalism, writing, editing, photography and public speaking – and to analyse and understand what we see and hear every day in the media. All useful skills for school, college or university or working life.

We created STAMP to be a feminist project for young people of all genders, to take more control over the messages they receive from the media. It’s always inspiring for us to meet like-minded young people and see them taking a stand against the media putting pressure on us all to behave and look in stereotyped ways. It’s amazing to see young people empowered and motivated to fight for social change.

Our History

  • Focus Group
  • Official Launch Date
  • University of Glasgow presents - 'Do We Need Feminism'
  • Focus Group
  • Meeting with Nicola Sturgeon
  • STAMP Speaks at Young Voices Scottish Parliament Event
  • Young Women's Conference
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Focus Group
  • Launch of #NotYourGenderStereotype fundraising t-shirts
  • STAMP Summer School with Media Coop
  • STAMP wins award at St John Ogilvie Award Ceremony
  • STAMP launches harassment survey
  • STAMP documentary Launch
  • Write to End Violence Against Women Awards at Scottish Parliament
  • Focus Group
  • STAMP meets with BBC Social
  • STAMP delivers teacher training at Holy Cross School
  • STAMP attends International Women's Day event at Carluke High School
  • STAMP creates short film with BBC The Social
  • STAMP short film with BBC The Social launched!